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The parallels between the industrial world and the professional sports world with regard to the health and safety of the athletes and employees are so similar that the word “athlete” could be used interchangeably with the word “employee.” The Industrial Athlete simply treats your employees like professional athletes.

The Sports Medicine Model uses the industrial medicine specialist as the primary therapy provider for your “athlete.” This is the same model that is used by professional sports teams because they know it is the best way to keep their multi-million dollar “employees” healthy and at their peak performance. And, when injuries do occur, the Sports Medicine Model returns their athletes to the field of play quicker and with less chance of re-injury.

Two Key Differences between the Sports Medicine Model and the Traditional Healthcare Model

Two Key Differences between the Sports Medicine Model and the Traditional Healthcare Model

First, the Sports Medicine Model places greater emphasis on prevention. The industrial medicine specialist works with the athlete to prevent injuries from occurring.

The second difference is how the Sports Medicine Model responds when an injury does occur. The industrial medicine specialist quickly evaluates the severity of the injury as well as how the injury occurred. Assessing the root cause is integral to the prevention plan. In addition to any first aide that might be required, the industrial medicine specialist assesses the scope of the injury. If the injury falls within the scope of practice, the industrial medicine specialist plans and implements a rapid rehabilitation program. The rehabilitation is done onsite, often several times a day, with no billing against your insurance. This multi-session therapy process has shown increased recovery speeds as well as lower rates of injury reoccurrence.

The Traditional Healthcare Model will often refer the employee to an offsite healthcare facility. The employer loses control of the employee in the offsite facility. The injured employee may be required to wait several days before starting the rehabilitation process. This valuable time lost can set the recovery time back by weeks! In the offsite facility, the injured employee may only receive therapy a few times a week, and they may also keep the employee off work or may require that their work be limited. Can you imagine a professional sports team treating their key athletes in this way?

The SMART SystemSM
While other companies may deploy a Sports Medicine Model, The Industrial Athlete’s SMART SystemSM is unique in several ways, including cost-saving measures and additional benefits, such as:

The Industrial Athlete

Traditional Health Care







Flat rate

Bill insurance

Can your organization benefit from the Sports Medicine Model by The Industrial Athlete? Contact us to explore opportunities to not only better your workforce, but improve your bottom line too. Contact us today.

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