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Corporate Wellness

The Industrial Athlete is unique in our approach as we encourage a synergy between employee fitness/wellness and a sound employee injury management program (via our SMART System). Each makes the other considerably more cost effective.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness and fitness programs share a common goal: to promote employees overall well-being. Employees are spending more time at work, which means it is important to maintain a healthy work/life balance. The Industrial Athlete designs and delivers on-site programming to help individuals live healthier lifestyles. This programing provides employees the tools to live longer more fulfilling lives.

Corporate wellness programs offer many benefits. The Industrial Athlete specializes in developing programming that is unique to each business with one primary goal in mind: to reduce the rate of injury and illness. Our onsite degreed fitness professionals strive to help reduce stress, injury and illness resulting in reduced healthcare costs incurred by both the individual and the company. Healthy employees tend to have less absenteeism and are more productive while at work.

The Industrial Athlete pioneered this concept by incorporating fitness, wellness and injury management. The synergistic relationship between these three divisions empowers employees to make healthier life decisions resulting in decreasing healthcare costs for companies. An employee fitness/wellness program, built upon a foundation of sound medical management, minimizes liability while creating a positive, healthy work environment.

Accessibility to fitness facilities and equipment allows our fitness management professionals to help employees establish a healthy work/life balance. Employee referrals from our Injury Management Professionals are streamlined into a preventive conditioning and post-injury re-conditioning program resulting in the fitness center playing a valuable role in injury prevention and management.

The Industrial Athlete can help create a healthier workforce for your company. Find out how our corporate wellness and fitness programs can benefit your workforce; contact us today.

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