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The Pioneers of the “Industrial Athlete” Concept

Ever wonder how a professional athlete can return to play after an injury, while an employee with a similar injury could be excused from work for several weeks or months? Professional athletic teams employ the Sports Medicine Model, utilizing an industrial medicine specialist as the catalyst and gatekeeper for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The Industrial Athlete Inc.’s (TIA) proprietary SMART SystemSM incorporates sports medicine practices into the workplace, placing a industrial medicine specialist on location in your facility. This approach has saved our clients millions of dollars as it reduces insurance and out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, and lowers DART (Days Away, Restricted Duty and Transfers) rates and OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) recordable injuries. At the same time it helps prevent injuries and gets employees back to work sooner with less chance of an injury reoccurrence.

Along with our core program consisting of an onsite Medical Management Professional, we also offer a number of consulting services including ergonomics, injury prevention, stretching programs, aging workforce, wellness, safety, fitness center design, onsite program justification, analysis of current onsite vendor, train-the-trainer, and much more!

Explore this website to learn more, then contact us for a free analysis of your occupational health and safety program.

Sports Medicine, Athletic Rehabilitation & Training

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