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The Industrial Athlete, Inc. (TIA) believes in establishing and maintaining a “partnership” with our clients to reduce costs related to work-site injuries. Our goal is to save money and improve your bottom line. We have the track record to demonstrate that the TIA program can result in a Return on Investment (ROI) that will be 3:1 or more. That means that for every dollar you spend on the TIA program, the ROI will be a savings of $3.00 or more. That is money saved, which is often of greater value than money earned.

We accomplish this ROI by providing an aggressive injury avoidance program coupled with the highest quality, proactive physical rehabilitation. Our highly trained and licensed injury prevention and rehabilitation professionals provide these services at your work-site. And, we offer our service on a flat-fee contract basis; not on a traditional fee-for-service used in traditional healthcare. This means that we don’t drive up costs through unnecessary services. This allows you to budget for our program, and can be confident you will not be blind-sided by additional costs.

The services our healthcare specialists provide also include: fitness and wellness education, ergonomic review, training in CPR and bloodborne pathogens for your emergency response team, assisting your HR department in the collection and analysis of worker injuries, helping your individual team members to become more fit and more productive, and doing whatever is necessary to improve your bottom line in an honest and effective manner.

All of this and more are included in our flat-fee contract. We measure our success by your success.

To learn more, or to find out how we can help your company and your employees, please contact us today.

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